University of Illinois System

Cybersecurity Training and Awareness

The University of Illinois offers cybersecurity training and awareness to all employees and students to help the university community learn good cyber-safety habits and stay safer online.

We all face cybersecurity threats at work, school, and home. Cybersecurity training helps you identify and understand threats and familiarize yourself with actions you can take.

The current program provides ongoing cybersecurity training for all users that is based on current cybersecurity threats that you might face at work, school, and home. We appreciate any feedback about current training options and welcome suggestions regarding future offerings. Please contact



Why is cybersecurity important?

Cybersecurity affects you, whether you use a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone (or all) in your work, school, or personal life. Cybersecurity is about keeping your technology safe, including networks, data, programs, and devices. Cybersecurity helps to protect your data and your devices, like a lock on the front door protects your home.

Am I required to take cybersecurity training? Who is required to take cybersecurity training?

  • University of Illinois System: Required for System Office employees (excluding Extra Help employees).
  • University of Illinois Springfield and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Required for all faculty and staff (excluding Extra Help employees and certain other employee classifications).
  • Students are not required to take cybersecurity training. However, UIS students are encouraged to take cybersecurity training at (log in required). UIUC students are invited to join a free, open course in Canvas at

Why is cybersecurity training required?

It is required for most employees by university policy. See the Information Security Policy at, specifically Information Security Standard IT16, for more information. The Information Security Policy training requirement is also stated in the Campus Administrative Manual (for Urbana-Champaign) at and at (for Springfield). Cybersecurity training is not required for students.

How often do I have to take cybersecurity training?

Required training occurs quarterly (every three months). Each training opportunity will feature a new topic and different training. It should take about 20 minutes to complete, and you’ll have three months to complete it.

I don't use a computer in my university work. How do I take cybersecurity training?

We plan to offer paper-based training sessions again in Spring 2023. Please contact if you are interested in these training sessions.

Why is training more than once a year?

Cyber criminals are constantly changing their tactics. Regular cybersecurity training helps you stay safer as cyber threats evolve.

What is the difference between the My Assignments section and the Additional Training section? (pictured below)

  • The training under My Assignments is required training. It includes a due date, and completion rates are tracked for this training. Once you finish the training under My Assignments, it’s marked as complete, and the training module(s) are no longer available.
  • The training under Additional Training is optional. You can take (and retake) it as many times as you like. The available training modules will change every month, so check back in the future for other cybersecurity training.

Screenshot with the My Assignments section showing a required training module called Security Tonight: Physical Security. Below it is the Additional Training section, showing an optional training module called Catching a Phish...With a Spear.

Why don't I see anything in the My Assignments section? After logging in, it says, "You are not currently enrolled in any training assignments."

This may be for one of several reasons:

  • You’ve already completed required training. When you complete required training, the training module(s) under My Assignments are marked as done in the training system, and they’re no longer available to you.
  • You’re not required to take any training right now. You can always take (and retake) any of the optional training that’s available under Additional Training.
  • We have you set up in the training system incorrectly. If you didn’t already take required training, and you expected to take it, please contact

Why does the training under My Assignments go away when I’m done with it?

The training system has marked your completion, and you don’t have to retake it. If you would like to retake any training, please contact

Why does the training under Additional Training not go away when I’m done with it?

That training is freely available to anyone who logs in to the training system. It is optional, and you can retake it as many times as you’d like. Completion rates for that training are not tracked.

How do I know what training modules I’ve completed?

Log in to In the upper right corner, click your name and then select My Report Card. This shows you all the cybersecurity training you’ve completed.

Will I get an email once I’ve completed the training?

Yes, you will get an email after you have completed required training; however, you will not receive an email if you did any optional training.

What is Proofpoint?

We’ve partnered with Proofpoint (formerly known as Wombat Security) to provide cybersecurity training and awareness to the university community. The Proofpoint Security Awareness platform includes security assessment tools, online cybersecurity training, additional outreach material, and much more.

Why do I see this log in screen? (pictured below)



This is not the correct log in page. Try using the official employee cybersecurity training link instead: This will direct you to the campus sign-on (pictured below) where you can authenticate with your University of Illinois credentials.


Can I use the Proofpoint Security Awareness platform in my classroom or other places outside the University of Illinois System?

It can be used in the classroom with University of Illinois students, but not outside the University of Illinois System. Our license with the vendor is limited to faculty, staff, and students for the Springfield, Urbana-Champaign, and System Office campuses. You must have valid University of Illinois credentials to log in to the Proofpoint Security Awareness platform.

Who should I contact with questions or to learn more about cybersecurity?

The University of Illinois has a dedicated cybersecurity training and awareness team as part of Technology Services. Please reach out to us at with any questions or feedback about security training.