The Illinois Security Program recognizes that it takes time to implement many of the tools, technologies, and processes to advance the program. To help leaders, IT professionals, faculty, and staff move forward with the security program over the next few years we want to provide a few concrete goals and areas to focus on.

To help measure the current state of the program as well as help campus leadership allocate appropriate resources each fall semester a full assessment of the standards and systems on campus is done. This is led by IT Technical Liaisons identified by the leaders of the various units on campus. The Office of Privacy and Information Assurance manages the assessment and provides tools to the liaisons to carry out the review of their systems. Initially only specific areas of the standards are being evaluated to ensure that appropriate resources are delegated.

As the project moves forward the assessment scope will expand and focus on more areas. To get an understanding of this progression please review the timeline available at https://go.illinois.edu/secstd-comp-dates.

Information Security Policy - Standards, Control Requirements, and Job Aids (Procedures, Checklists, Software Tools)